Stamford AS440 Voltage Regulator AVR

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Product Description

Product Description

STAMFORD AS440 AVR is a standard on all UC224 or UC274 Stamford Cummins generator heads. The AS440 offers an optional feature for paralleling with multiple generators. You cannot use this together with an EBS, useAS480. One unique feature is the power and voltage sensing circuits have independent terminals, allowing the excitation power to be derived directly from the stator winding or from an auxiliary winding if sustained short circuit performance is administered.


  • Stamford Voltage Regulator E000-24403/1P AVR
  • FG Wilson Voltage Regulator 10000-17096 AVR
  • Olympian Voltage Regulator 10000-17096 AVR


Tech Knowlege

Sensing Input  Voltage  Jumper selectable 100-130 Vac 1 phase
190-264 Vac 1 phase
 Frequency  50-60 Hz nominal
 Power input  Voltage  100-264 V ac 1 phase
 Frequency  50-60 Hz nominal
 Output  Voltage  82 V d.c. @ 200 V a.c.
 Current  Continuous 4A transient 7.5A for 10 secs
 Resistance  15 ohms min (10 ohms min when input
Volts is less than 175 ac)
 Regulation  ± 1.0%
 Thermal drift  0.03% per deg. C change in AVR ambient
 Typical system  response  AVR response  20 ms
 Filed current to 90%  80 ms
 Machine Volts to 97%  300 ms
 External voltage adjustment  ±-10% with 1kohm 1 watt trimmer Increasing resistance lowers voltage.
 Uuder frequency protection  Set point  94 -98% Hz
 Unitpower dissipation  12 watts maximum
 Build up voltage  4 Volts @ AVR terminals
 Analogue voltage  Maximum input  ±5 Vdc
 Sensitivity  1V for 5% Generator Volts (adjustable)
 Input resistance  1k ohm
 Quadrature droop input  10 ohms burden
 Max. sensitivity: 0.07 A for 5% droop 0PF
 Max. input: 0.33 A
 Over excitation protection  Set point  65 V dc
 Time delay  10-15 seconds (fixed)
 Environmental  Vibration  20-100 Hz
 100Hz – 2kHz
 50mm/sec  Operating temperature  40degree under zero to 70 degree
 3.3g  Relative humidity 0-70℃ 95%
 Storage temperature  Storage temperature -55 to +80C


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